About Us

PN Direct offer a professional and comprehensive mail order consultancy service. We take an analytical commercial approach to everything we do and our advice and recommendations are driven by detailed results analysis and informed by our experience.

We have over 25 years’ experience working across a range of brands and product offers as client, consultant and owner. We have successfully grown and developed brands from start-up to multi-million turnover.

We have consistently worked in environments with control over all aspects of the mail order offer. Consequently we have considerable depth and breadth of experience of how every element of a direct commerce business operates and interacts.

This means that when you work with PN Direct we can advise or manage all aspects of your mail order offer and work seamlessly with your suppliers and internal departments.

What We Do

Marketing Strategy and Analysis

We provide you with the tools to enable you to maximise growth and profitability in a cost effective way. We will analyse your customer data and recommend strategies to develop your existing customer base and recruit new customers. We will understand your product range, print formats and design and advise how to maximise your return from these.

Customer Recruitment, Growth and Re-activation

Your customers are not all the same – they will engage with you in different ways and show different patterns of response.  We take your customer database, understand the customers you have and propose strategies to maximise return

  • Increase order values and order frequency
  • Re-activate lapsed customers
  • Identify and exclude non-viable customers

We will also advise on cost effective recruitment strategies to grow your customer base with responsive new customers

Data Management and GDPR

GDPR has changed the landscape of data protection and made customers more aware of how their personal details are used and held.  We can advise you how to maximise your customer assets while meeting the requirements of GDPR.

Print, Postage and Mailing

We have extensive experience of print formats, postage price structures and mailing fulfilment suppliers.  We have produced and mailed offers in the UK, US and Australia.  

Postage, print and mailing options can be complex and it is important to produce an offer which is in a format that is attractive, responsive and cost effective. 

Product Management

We have worked in a wide variety of product groups including gifts, fragrances, clothing, gardening and entertainment. We can translate your total forecast sales into individual product demand and through our own experience understand the requirements specific products have on order processing and fulfilment.

Creative Execution

We understand how products need to be presented on the page and how to drive sales through design, copy and calls to action. We can provide design resource or work seamlessly with your in-house design team to produce attractive and responsive offers.

Order Processing and Fulfilment

It is important not to forget the final step. Efficient order handling and fulfilment will have a significant influence on your customer loyalty. The impact of marketing strategy decisions on order processing and fulfilment need to be understood and planned for.

Mail Order for E-commerce Retail

E-commerce retailers are embracing the benefits of mail order and direct commerce in increasing numbers and with marked success.

  • Customers recruited via digital marketing are more price-orientated and product specific than those recruited through mail order.
  • New and reactivated customers through direct mail spend more per order and buy more frequently than those that respond to digital campaigns.
  • Digital campaigns will benefit from catalogue mailings, and vice versa.  A co-ordinated multi-channel campaigns is significantly more cost effective.
  • Mail order will reduce customer attrition and increase each customer’s value.
  • Incorporating catalogue into the overall marketing strategy will allows you to engage with an incremental audience and maximise growth.

Where you have a ‘bricks and mortar’ retail operation mail order can be used to drive footfall to individual stores using mailings to profiled customers and within a specified radius of the store.

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